Inert Technology, OEM glovebox and gas purifier automation

Global manufacturer of inert atmosphere systems modernizes to drive future innovation

"The Siemens TIA components and common TIA Portal opened the door to all kinds of efficiencies, providing us with sizeable cost- and time-savings.” Daniel Clay, CEO, Inert




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Customer profile and project information

Inert, based in Boston, supplies today’s most advanced industries with gloveboxes, gas management systems, and solvent purification systems. Founded in 1981 as Innovative Technology, Inc., the privately held firm recently re-branded itself as Inert to reflect their position as the world’s leading provider of inert atmospheres and equipment. Among their customers are the world’s top universities, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Competition in the market continues to be strong so staying ahead is key by utilizing feature rich products with lower cost through modernization.


  • Multiple PLC platforms from multiple vendors to cover range of OEM machines
  • Reliance on outsourced engineering
  • Lack of scalability and customization


Inert modernized its OEM inert atmosphere products using the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller and HMI color panels engineered in-house with TIA Portal to simplify procurement, improve efficiencies and time-to-market, implement custom features easily plus drive future innovation

Customer benefits

  • TIA Portal Libraries and Siemens Programming Support amplified possibilities for implementing innovative features and capabilities and future-proofed new designs
  • Common Platform with S7-1200 and Basic Panels simplified procurement and product support while reducing associated costs
  • Integrated PLC/HMI Programming within TIA Portal accelerated time to market by reducing engineering time