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"The comprehensive package of our mechanics and consistent and the automation technology from Siemens fits." Bernhard Hörl, development leader




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Customer profile and project information

ALS develops solutions to automate the package opening of millions of packages quick, precisely and safely; Vetter Steuerungstechnik was involved for the development, programming, implementation and maintenance; decrease costs, prevent damage of goods. The result was a patented system to open packages automatically quick, precise, safe in mail order and industry.


High productivity with transfer rates of up to 600 packages per hour, short downtimes and efficient enigeering. At the same time the goods should be protected from damage.


Automation technology realized by Siemens. Via the TIA Portal Controller, drives, HMI can be configured individually - failsafe.

Customer benefits

  • Reduction of the engineering effort by up to 30% through integrated operator guidance, reusability of existing function components, integrated Trace function as well as automatic documentation of the Safety programme after acceptance
  • Reduction of commissioning time and wiring effort by 15% through integrated Safety functions from control until drives via PROFIsafe.
  • High end consumer acceptance: "because one does not have to discuss things like compatibility, reliability and long-term availability of spare parts with interested parties from the target industry..." (B. Hörl)