Rohrbach Elektrotechnik und K&K Wiege- und Dosiertechnik GmbH, Butzbach, Germany

Realization of filling scales / mechanical engineering

"Customers also place value on the robustness of the systems," says Egbert Ruß, Managing Director of K&K Wiege- und Dosiertechnik GmbH.




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Customer profile and project information

The proportioning scale automated by Holger Rohrbach for electronic operation portions very small parts with a unit weight of 0.07 g into packaging units of exactly the right number. The scale has a resolution of 0.002 g. The packaging is completely automatic - with the highest level of reliability.


  1. Reducing downtimes through increased failure safety
  2. Shorter amortization period
  3. Avoiding up to 30% of waste


Small Simatic S7-1200 controller to control the process.Two Siwarex weighing modules to detect the weight measurement.Ultrasonic sensors to measure the fill level on the vibration system are connected via the new Simatic ET 200AL compact distributed I/O with IP65/67 degree of protection.

Customer benefits

  • Operation outside shift operation also possible due to fewer fragile cables from the cabinet to the actuator/sensor when using the ET 200AL(Cabling installation in IP67 (ET 200AL))
  • Switching from manual to automatic operationCost-effective solution with powerful S7-1200 (S7-1200)
  • Maximum precision in the detection of small partsExact weight measurement with built-in SIWAREX weighing modules (Weighing with SIWAREX modules)